In order for the FairTax to become a reality, a lot of talent and support is needed. Even a spare hour at an event or running an errand can make a big difference for the group and for you. The group receives a much needed benefit of your donated time, and you, the volunteer, receive increased knowledge and the ability to defend the facts and merits behind the FairTax. And believe it or not, the events are a good time! Currently, Wisconsin FairTax needs the following positions:

Marketing Materials Manager
Manage, order and inventory marketing materials for the supporters. This position includes being responsible for the inventory and re-ordering of items such as t-shirts, yard signs, bumper stickers, door hangers, etc, as well as donations of print materials or any other promotional items. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software is helpful for this position.

Data Entry Assistants
This position involves entering new supporter information on our local database and in the Convio database for the FairTax.org national supporters registry. Knowledge of Excel spreadsheets and how to manipulate them is helpful.

Event/Booth Attendants
Help "man" the FairTax booth at events by handing out information, signing up new supporters, coordinating promotional materials transactions, and answering questions of those who visit the booth.

Production Assistants
This position consists of duplicating FairTax DVDs for distribution at meetings and events, copying print materials, assembling new member/letter campaign packets, and much more.

Organization Secretary
As the Organization Secretary, you will be responsible for recording meeting minutes and notes that can be posted on the site and made available to supporters.

Community Representatives
We are currently looking for representatives on the city/town level, precinct level, and block/street level. At this time we have Community Representatives in Osseo and Bloomer. Responsibilities include working with supporters in the area to spread the word about FairTax, holding area meetings (a minimum of two a year), obtaining and distributing marketing materials for the area, attending organizational meetings, and coordinating any other support needs. This position also involves meeting with other representatives to plan larger events and report on the progress being made in your area and share ideas for increasing FairTax support. Ideally there would be one representative per small town and each voting precinct in the larger cities. This need not be a significant time commitment, especially if we are able to enlist more than one representative in a given community.

Canvassing Assistants
Help us hand out or distribute invitations/door knob hangers around the area.

Freedom Riders

The Grass Roots Freedom Riders are a team of hardworking, enthusiastic, grass roots citizens seeking to promote the FairTax through bike rallies. With our efforts throughout southeastern United States during 2009 and the entire lower 48 states during summer of 2010, we want to make some noise so FairTax will be understood by all Americans. Working with the Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT), we're developing a program to promote FairTax activities, both biking and beyond, throughout the country. Learn more
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Local FairTax Representatives

Bob Martin - Community Coordinator

Eric Nelson - Media/Dist. 3 Coordinator

Jerry Nielsen - Freedom Riders

Carrie Malicki - Social Networking and Fundraising

Russ Hartsough - Speaking Coordinator

Dr. Tom Breneman - Event Coordinator

Mike Conlin - Community Coordinator

Nate Moquin - Mailing Leader

C.J. Cordell - Dist. 7 Community Coordinator


National FairTax Effort