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We want to institute a program for businesses in the area in which to participate. It is no secret that some of the biggest supporters of the FairTax are small business owners. This program is still in the planning stages, and it will likely include advertising space purchased on one side of the door hangers we develop, their business name on a local list for supporters to see and patronize, and materials for display in those businesses.

As a business that supports the FairTax, you will be added to our mailing list and included in our communications with local FairTax supporters, encouraging them to stop by, shop or use their business, and thank you for your support. Our goal is to grow our supporting FairTax business network and potentially plan a business expo to promote them.

Small business is the backbone of our economy, and the local FairTax group wants to recognize them. By proudly placing a FairTax sign in your window, you are saying your business supports this bill in congress and is partnering with all other FairTax supporters for a better America.

Roaring Down the Highway -
Grassroots Style

The Grassroots Riders is a group of motorcycle riders that promote the FairTax through motorcycle rallies and motorcycle rides. We are starting a group in the Chippewa Valley. Nationally there are ten chapters. The money raised by sponsoring our rides is split with 50% going to the American for FairTax organization and 50% to the National Grass Roots Freedom Riders. This money is used to purchase supplies at larger quantities so our local FairTax chapters can get some supplies cheaper. The goal is to raise enough monies so that supplies can be donated. If you would like to sponsor a ride, there is a link to us on the Wisconsin FairTax website.

We are hoping to get a poker run organized for July. We have three taverns on board that support FairTax and are working on others. Our goal is to give our business to supporters of the FairTax, raise some money, and have a lot of fun. Whatever is raised through our local fundraisers is donated directly to the Wisconsin FairTax.

If anyone has any questions or knows of any tavern owners or restaurants that support FairTax, please get in touch with Jerry Nielson at:

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