Organizing Wisconsin

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 – Al Ose

Submission of ideas for expansion of Wisconsinites for Fair Taxation.

Formal Organization.

We need a Chair, and we need to decide on how many board members we should have.

In New Jersey the Board chose the officers. Is this what we should do? Or should they be elected?The New Jersey Board of Directors chose the following officers:

State Director
Deputy State Director
Membership Chair ( I don't know what this is.)
Union Liaison

Are there any positions we should add or deduct?My sense is that what we need is:

  •  We need speakers knowledgeable about the FairTax in each district. Travel is expensive. The ability to call on a local volunteer would save money.
  • We need someone who could write about the FairTax and address any issue on or about that subject. This position could address local, state, and national issues. Please note that some newspapers will not accept letters written out of their areas of publication.
  • We need almost constant contact with national legislators or candidates for those positions. Is one liaison enough or should this be a group effort. 

We need speakers, writers, and lobbyists. Most of all we require active members. 


Many of us have already spent far too much personally in promotion of the FairTax. We require a steady stream of revenue to fund efforts here in Wisconsin . The question here is how do we accomplish that? How about with websites, brat fries, and sales of promotional materials? We could have donation bottles in gas stations, grocery stores, etc. Are there other ideas? One I ran across today was Piryx. I don't know enough about it to explain it. 

We will pass the FairTax. It will take a unified effort. Our goal is to get Wisconsin involved and make it happen. 

Bless you all and thanks ahead of time for your input. We do need feedback.

 Best regards, Al Ose

Regional Director WI & IA

Americans for Fair Taxation

3311 Enchanted Drive

Wisconsin Rapids , WI 54494-1558



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