Show your support and get involved with FairTax in a variety of ways. Whether you have a lot of time or just an hour a week, any help you can donate will assist in moving this legislation into reality.

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The best way to support the FairTax and help move this legislation forward is to register. Simply enter your name, email, address, and district, and your name will be added to a growing list that is used to present to Washington what the public wants.
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Become a Sponsor

Another way to display your support for the FairTax is to become a Sponsor. Small businesses are an integral part in today's economy and, in turn, small business owners are one of the main demographics of FairTax supporters.
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Make a Donation

Although times are hard, by supporting the FairTax (either with your efforts or your monetary donation) you are supporting a better tax system, economy, and, in turn, a better life for yourself. Make a donation to Wisconsin FairTax.

Contact Elected Officials

An simple way to make an impact and help further the FairTax is to contact your elected officials. Choose from writing a letter, sending an email, or calling them personally. Just remember to be polite and to-the-point; becoming aggravated and aggressive doesn't benefit anyone. Learn about contacting elected officials.

Request a Speaker

Enhance your next FairTax event with a knowledgeable speaker who can clearly answer any questions concerning the FairTax. Our group of educated volunteers are available to speak at all types of events and to any size group. Learn how to request a speaker.

FairTax Support Documents

Boost your FairTax knowledge and encourage our representatives to support the FairTax with a variety of support documents. From a Thumbnail Sketch to example letters for the letter writing campaign, we have all the resources to make you a FairTax expert.
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FairTax Glossary

Revenue Neutral
A tax proposal is revenue neutral if it neither increases nor decreases tax revenues when compared to existing law.
Tax Wedge
The difference between workers' take-home pay and what it costs to employ them. For example, a worker gets paid $12.50 per hour or $500 per week, but because the government takes a variety of income and payroll taxes out of this wage, the worker sees a net of only $380, or $9.50 an hour. The $120 per week difference is the tax wedge. The worker is doing $500 worth of work but getting only $380 for the his labors.


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In order to gain the momentum necessary to push the FairTax bill through Congress, we need your support! Sign-up with the Wisconsin FairTax today to be a part of this great movement and make history.

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